Mujahid Ibn Abdellah
Mujahid Ibn Abdellah
Business Owner at Pro Clean Organizers Electronic Systems Field Service Technician English Instructor Tutor
Mr. Abul Baraa Muhammad Amreeki is a superb Arabic Instructor. He tailors his lessons to address his students’ personal weaknessess in the language. He is able to evaluate and consult his pupils in a kind and a professional way.

August 11, 2014, Mujahid was Abul Baraa Muhammad’s client

Alamin Abdul-Hakim
Alamin Abdul-Hakim
AML Compliance Officer, Specialist expertise in Bank Secrecy Act | Suspicious Activity Reporting | Open to Opportunities

Abul Baraa Muhammad Abdullah Amreeki, Service Provider is extremely competent teacher and leader. He professional and patient with his clients.

July 28, 2014, Alamin was Abul Baraa Muhammad’s client

Online Help & Tutor Mr. Muhammad Abdullah A’l Alister, al-Amreeki


Abul Baraa Muhammad 1


Arabic Tutor & Islamic Educator for non Arabic speakers. Currently working with al’Madrastul U’laa, ‘The First School’ teaching the Arabic language & Islamic Education for non Arabic speakers from Distance. Read More

Mr. Muhammad Abdullah Amreeki is the Online Help & Free Tutor for all students ( 

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