The importance of understanding the Arabic language to understand the deen.

A point in fiqh why the Arabic language is crucial in understanding every subject in the deen.

The difference between طَهور و طُهور و طُهْر و طاهر Tahoor and Tuhoor and Tuhr and Taahir.

طَهور هو مصدر
Tahoor is the verb minus the tense or we say gerund,الطاء Ta has a Fatha and the الطاء and the word it means the different type of water in fiqh something within itself is pure or used to cleanse, Allah the Most High say in Quran :

وَأَنزَلْنَا مِنَ السَّمَاء مَاء طَهُورًا

And We send down from the sky the water that is Tahoor (pure{2.})

Surah al Furqaan 48.

So rain water and snow water and well water and water springs are Tahoor. Hadeeth:
في البحر هو الطَّهور ماؤه الحلُّ ميتتُه

In the sea/ocean it is Tahoor it water and lawful the dead (fishes) that dies in it.

So طُهور Tuhoor with الطاء the letter Taa with a dammah on it, means الطهارة Taharah ‘purifying ritual’ such as Wudu, and cleaning objects. The example is this Hadeeth:

طُهور إناءِ أحدكم إذا ولغَ الكلبُ أن يغسلهُ سبعَ مرّات أولاهنّ بالتُّراب 

Purify cleanse (by washing, طُهور) the utensils of any one of you if a dog licked it (salvia touched or used it), and wash it seven times the first few times with dirt (either in the beginning or the end).

Next word طاهر Taahir is something that is pure but is not used to purify cleanse something else, like water from apple (juice) it is pure within itself but not used to purify (cleanse) other than it like for acts of worship like for wudu for salah, tawaaf. Which alters the color, or taste, or scent of the water.

Next word طُهْر Tuhr means for a woman to be free from her menses and post-natal bleeding.

One would not truly benefit from these points if they do not know Arabic, even though examples was translated, but the points will not be understood unless the reader knows a little or lot about the Arabic language, if you did not understand then guess how much more about they deen you do not understand, so this should raise some questions why learning Arabic is very important.

By Abul Baraa Muhammad Amreeki

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