al’ Madrasatul U’laa ,’ The First School’; teaching the Arabic Language & Islamic Education for Non-Arabic speakers from Distance (Online)

المدرسة الأولى لتعليم اللغة العربية و التربية الإسلامية لغير الناطقين بها عن بعد

Online Arabic course and Islamic course in Arabic design for non-Arabic speakers.

All instructors are Native Arabic Speakers who hold degrees in the Arabic Language and many of the instructors are in their Master Program for Arabic from Egypt. The quality of teaching is high standards this is why the instructors are degree holders and native speakers in the Arabic language and hold certificates for teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers.

Western run and own to give the students the quality organization that they are custom to without foreign methods of doing business. Which in many cases are backward and do not understand the Western World of business and teaching.

The course will be Arabic conversation & grammar.
Section on learning Tajweed
Section for Islamic Education taught in Arabic for non-Arabic speakers.
Section for Ijaazah in Quran, and Qiraat of Quran.
Section for Sisters

Introduction into Private one on one lessons



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