Recommendations of Free Tutor and Online Help Instructor (Abul Baraa) Muhammad Abdullah (Amreeki).

Recommendations of Free Tutor and Online Help Instructor Abul Baraa Muhammad Abdullah Amreeki.

Student Ibrahim Abdul- Rahim speaks about how much he benefits from his instructor Essam Jumah

I’ve been studying with Essam now for over two months, and he has been a very good teacher: explaining grammar rules, pointing out grammar rules using Ayahs from the Quran, teaching me new vocabulary words, as well as conversation phrases. I am pleased with the way the classes are going so far, and glad to say that the brother is of great beneficial help for me as well as very patient. Not everyone has the ability to be a teacher because it is a task that requires a lot of patience. I feel Essam has the ability as well as qualities to accomplish the duties.

Never too Old to Learn @ 55 yrs

For many of those years I have watch Yasir go from masjid to masjid trying to learn how to read the Quran in Arabic. He felt he was too old to learn, and his age was the reason he had difficulty learning. Pulling him to the side, I shared with him it’s not his age that was creating difficulty learning Quran, but the way he was being instructed.