Ali Sabir recommend  Instructor Mr. Mohamed Mekawy Masri

Arabic Instructor & Islamic Educator for non Arabic speakers. Currently working with al’Madrastul U’laa, ‘The First …

I originally sent this message to the owner, but want to share my comment with everyone so that they can see how pleased I am.

Originally Stated: “baraak Allahu feekum akhi. You made a good choice of teacher for me (Ustadh Muhammad Mekawy). I like him much better than the two (instructors) that I had with Studio Arabiyya. We are starting from the beginning of Arabiyya Bayna Yadayk, which is actually much review for me but is also much needed and appreciated. I also like that he is interactive with Whats App, Skype, audio, and writing in my notebook. good stuff, and I hope to progress with my goals quickly in shaa Allah.


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