Learning the Arabic Language by Shaykh al Islam ibn Tamiyyah

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Tamiyah rahamahullah said in -Iqtdaa As-saraatul mustaqeem 1 / 463: And Imam Shafi rahimallah in what was narrated from the Salaf with a chain that is known to Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Abdul alHakim said: I heard Muhammad ibn Idrees as-Shafee say : …. The tongue which Allah chose Az wa Jal the tongue of the Arab so it was sent down in His Mighty Book [The Quran] and it made it the tongue of the Seal of the Prophets Muhammad sallahu wa ayhi wa salam and for this we say : it is obligatory for every one to have the ability to learn the Arabic language that he learns it because its the First Language.