All praise is due to Allah peace and blessing be upon His Messenger, the last and Seal of the Prophets.

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Tamiyah rahamahullah said in -Iqtdaa As-saraatul mustaqeem 1 / 463: And Imam Shafi rahimallah in what was narrated from the Salaf with a chain that is known to Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Abdul alHakim said:

I heard Muhammad ibn Idrees as-Shafee say : …. The tongue which Allah chose Az wa Jal the tongue of the Arab so it was sent down in His Mighty Book [The Quran] and it made it the tongue of the Seal of the Prophets Muhammad sallahu wa ayhi wa salam and for this we say : it is obligatory for every one to have the ability to learn the Arabic language that he learns it because its the First Language.

Also Shaykh al Islam ibn Tamiyah from 1/402 from that previous references :

Also Allah the Most High when His Book was sent down in the Arabic language and made His Messenger Eloquent [in Arabic, speaking Arabic perfect] regarding it, for the Book [the Quran] and the wisdom with this Arabic tongue and those who previously came to this deen using the Arabic language. There is no  way, except with Arabic which is the guideline of the deen {the way it was sent down), and knowing it except with the guidelines’ of the [Arabic] tongue. And knowing the Arabic tongue, it became from the Deen. And it became expression [ of speech] and with it and is easy on the Ahul Deen [people of knowledge and those who follow them] in knowing the Deen of Allah. And becoming closest with establishing the signs [slogan and signs of Islam] and being closest to being similar to them those from the Previous [ Salafi Salih] the first from the Muhajir and the Ansar in all affairs.

Translated by Abul Baraa Muhammad Abdullah Amreeki



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